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Here is a list of the media attending The Europas Awards and The Gathering Unconference

To apply for a press pass – valid press only please – please email TheEuropas (@)

• Adrian McShane, Co-founder/editor,

• Alex Wood, Editor, Tech City News

• Amir Mizroch, EMEA Technology Editor, The Wall Street Journal

• Arda Kutsal, Editor-in-Chief, Webrazzi

• Ben Graham, Reporter, StrategyEye

• Ben Rooney, Co-Editor in Chief, Informilo

• Dave Knight, Editor-in-Chief, Silicon Allee

• Dmitri Sarle, Editor, Arctic Startups

• Edie Lush, The Week & Hub Culture

• Edoardo Moreni, Editor In Chief, Great Preneurs

• Emma Haslett, Management Today

• Gabriella Griffith, CityAM

• Ingrid Lunden, International Editor, TechCrunch

• Jemima Kiss, The Guardian

• Juergen Stueber, Berliner Morgenpost

• Kalie Moore, Freelance / Berlin Startup Girl

• Kirsty Styles, Tech City News

• Mark Scott, The New York Times

• Martin Bryant, Editor in Chief, The Next Web

• Milo Yiannopoulos, Business Insider

• Monty Munford, The Economist

• Neil Murray, Editor, The Nordic Web

• Olivia Solon, Wired UK

• Robin Wauters, Editor,

• Silvia Lombardo, Huffington Post

• Tim Bradshaw, The Financial Times


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