Alicia Navarro

CEO and Founder of Skimlinks

I am a passionate tech entrepreneur, with a background in product management of web and mobile applications. I love coming up with product ideas, and making them happen. I have an instinct for making quick decisions, and thrive in an agile iterative development environment.

I am the CEO and Founder of Skimlinks (www.skimlinks.com) – the leading content monetisation service for online publishers. We work with thousands of sites around the world: blogs, newspapers, content sites, blogging platforms, forums, social shopping, web apps… Skimlinks helps sites earn referral income from the content they write, without requiring any effort, resource, or change to current processes. Its a complete automated solution, with no impact on user experience or editorial integrity.

I began my company in 2006, in a very different guise. It began life as skimbit.com (now called SkimIt.com) – a social decision-making tool that helped friends share and make group decisions. I then evolved it to Skim-in-a-box – a white-label of the social decision-making tool. It was while trying to monetize the user-generated content on SkimIt.com and Skim-in-a-box that we came up with the concept of Skimlinks, and in November 2008 Skimlinks was launched as a stand-alone solution aimed at online publishers. Skimlinks – and related monetization add-ons – is the sole focus of my company now.

Since launch, we have won dozens of international awards for Skimlinks’ innovation, technical sophistication, and customer service.

Besides running Skimlinks, I love giving back to the tech community that helped me when I first started: mentoring, networking, and meeting other inspiring people.

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